REINN ltd is a client-focused company providing research, innovation and development services in health and social care sector. The name of the company has been produced by two words: REsearch and INNovation in order to underline the main pillars of its activities.We invest in technology and innovation and we use technology to become more innovative and more creative. We value ICTs as strategic assets and we use these technologies to support integrated care and new care pathways for patients and citizens, but also research. Innovation is not just about technology, but currently it is mainly about new care delivering models. We are trying to inspire our clients to do more. We are also inspired from our partners. Inspiration is useful in order to overcome difficulties, to see beyond the barriers and to achieve better results and long term targets earlier. The company has capitalized research experience from more than 25 research projects in different countries, covering all their needs: design, development, management, data collection/monitoring, data analysis, evaluation, reporting and dissemination.



Consultancy services to public and private organisations around Europe for eHealth / telemedicine projects. New approaches to health and social care delivery supported by information and communication technologies (ICT) are necessary in order to provide better quality of care and to ensure the sustainability of the health care systems and the organisations.

Data Management

Data quality and integrity are of paramount importance to a successful project. Data monitoring and continuous data quality control, from startup till the end of a project, plays a key role in the final outcomes. For us, data management is a team work of a group of experts in databases, statistics, clinical outcomes, health economists (if relevant), and also experts in the field under evaluation.

Statistics and predictive modelling

Statisticians specialized in health and social care projects identify and apply complex methods to address the challenging research questions our clients pose. The company provides a wide range of data analytics and other statistical consulting services to private and public organisations in Europe in order to get the most out of data.


Having capitalized more than 10 years’ experience in pharmacoeconomics and health technology assessment, working both for the pharma industry as well as for the University, the company offer the following services to pharma industry, CROs and other private and public organisations in Europe.

Clinical, observational and epidemiological studies

Consultancy services to public and private organisations, pharmas and CROs around Europe for clinical, observational and epidemiological studies as well as for the development of local, regional, national or international disease registries.


Company’s consultants with experience in teaching in University, under- and post-graduate, can provide training courses on their expertise to private and public organisations, academic and research institutes, consortiums or other projects/studies’ participants.


REINN ltd has participated in a number of European projects focused in integrated care, chonic disease management, eHealth and telemedicine and in different diseases, including heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, pulmonary diseases, etc. but also multimorbidity and frailty.

The company collaborates with research/academic institutions and other organisations and also offers consultancy services on the above-mentioned fields to health authorities, health organisations/units, regions/municipalities, other research/academic institutions, organisations, and SMEs both locally and internationally (Europe).

Welcome to REINN ltd! Reinn ltd is actively seeking creative, innovative, team-oriented individuals who are passionate about their science and studies and their implementation to healthcare’s field. Whether you're interested in working in Reinn, please send an updated copy of your resume/curriculum vitae (CV) at .